Jay and I feel very spoiled right now. (And tanned :0) Our apartment is filled with beautiful gifts and we’ve just started to enjoy a few of them.

This morning we put our brand, spanking new 10″ Calphalon One frying pan through it’s paces in whipping up some breakfast burritoes – grazie Alberto & Michele. (If you’ve never experienced Calphalon cooking, we suggest you come on over to the “sear and release” world!) In the process we thoroughly enjoyed replacing our old utensils and crock with the wonderful new one from John & Lisa — ahhh… I can actually remove a spatula without fighting the crock now!

Later today we salivated over recipes in Le Bon Cuisine (thanks to Vilasinee), and I was online perusing the myriad of recipes one can cook in our new slow cooker… “add ingredients, switch on and come back to a delicious meal hours later,” yess!

We also made a second approach to our most intimidating wedding gift… but more on that one tomorrow!



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