wby_statue_s.gifThere’s nothing like coming back to your first day of work and heading out to a gala awards show. Especially when it’s an evening to honour the results of teamwork in an area close to one’s professional heart: the internet. In this case, it was The Webby Award. (See a few images from the evening here.)

We headed south to Cipriani’s on Wall Street to claim our “online Oscar.” (Side note: fabulous space, georgeous coffered ceilings, slow food service for a 1,000.) With a stage-side, front row table, we had an up-close experience of the witty winners, honourees and celebrities. That included Thomas Friedman (great speech and yes, count me in to reclaim “green”), Robert Kahn (now I can finally claim an in-person experience with all three of the paternity contenders of the internet) and Prince (his dynamism more than dwarfs his diminutive size.)

UNICEF received the People’s Choice Webby Award in the charitable organizations/non-profit category for ‘The State of the World’s Children 2006’. Our five words of fame? “Make UNICEF obsolete – help kids.” (Read more here.)

Thanks to everyone who clearly, got out the vote! (P.S. Dave Garr, I tried to find you to say “Hi” in person but failed :0(

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