ship.jpgOkay, so after taking a number of photos of that ship that was supposedly featured in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ from land and from the vantage point of another yacht, I have been totally stumped by a well-informed question. Which ship is it? (Take a look at three of the shots in this series of photos.)

The fact that I have yet to see the latest swashbuckling installment doesn’t help matters. Is it Captain Jack’s ‘The Black Pearl’ or Davey Jone’s ship (err, definitely not), the Chinese junk ‘The Empress’ (nope), ‘The Dauntless’ (from production still it doesn’t look like this is actually a sea going vessel, more like a set piece), or ‘The Flying Dutchman’.

I’ve no idea. Adding to the fact that it was apparently filmed on Grand Bahama, could the locals simply be pulling our legs with a pirate-looking local ship? All opinions welcome, and enough of knowing far too much about the ships that feature in Pirates II and III!

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  1. Great photos of your honeymoon. We saw “Pirates” Sat. The ship you saw could or could not be from the movie. Can’t tell either.

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