wtc.jpgHah! Not what you might think. After almost a month’s break on the blog, the first post back is about the movie I saw this evening, Oliver Stone’s ‘World Trade Center.’ (Yes, every time I need to remind myself to invert the “re” in centre.)

A lot has already been written about this movie. As for this evening’s viewing? The audience reaction included big men reduced to tears, soft hisses during the short Bush speech clip, and one moviegoer who had a hysterical reaction, burst into uncontrollable laughter and had to be physically removed from the movei theatre.

The audience was also comrprised of a huge proportion of people who appeared to be tourists. Now a lot of this has to do with the fact that my local movie theatre also happens to be the 25-screen multiplex on Times Square. But perhaps the idea of seeing this movie in New York is an attractive ‘must do’ on the current visitor’s list.

I wonder what the viewing experience must be like for a non-New Yorker? Someone for whom the city vignettes don’t even have geographical, let alone personal, relevance. Someone who hasn’t worked, eaten, partied, driven, lived or loved on one of the myriad places covered in the movie. Even more to the pojnt, someone who wasn’t in Manhattan on that fateful day?

Regardless, I thought the movie was well worth my time and money. Yes it was tearjerking, emotionally manipulative and had a predicatble plot. But it made as much riveting viewing as many other big screen dramas and was certainly the best thing on offer for mainstream movie viewing this evening.

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