Carlton Hotel lobby courtesy the official hotel websiteLast night we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at the bar at Eleven Madison Park. This stunning restaurant has recently undergone some changes — a new chef and improvements to both the menu and the already wonderful decor.

We started with a shared field green salad, followed by a poched poularde with fava bean puree and black truffles and I ordered an awesome foie gras sensation: foie gras terrine with bing cherries, sour cherry broiche and… foie gras creme brulee. It was sensational, perfectly proportioned and perfectly crowned with dessert: a sheeps milk cheese cheesecake with sacher cake and cherry compote.

The bar area is a great alternative to main diningroom dining (where we had a delightful meal with family lastyear.) More relaxed and with offerings just perfect for a light summer dinner.

Plus the service was impecable. Wish we had gotten our server’s name as she was incredibly knowledgeable (on matters beyond the menu) and made our experience a pure delight.

We stopped by the newly revamped Carlton Hotel (pictured above), also on Madison Avenue. The revamp is magnificent and luxurious, exponentially so by the integrated and multi-tiered, multi-bar, multi-lounge, multi-diningroom provided by Country. They did a stylish twist to the Shirley Temple I ordered (with lavender honey instead of grenadine) and the great service and complimentary champagne didn’t hurt! We’ll definitely be stopping by for a dinner date.

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