cupcake.jpgWith a title like this and a New York location I know you’re thinking I’m going to be talking about the ‘Sex and the City’ made-famous ‘Magnolia Bakery’… or their ex-partner’s rival cupcake venture, Buttercup Bakery. Or perhaps an entry on the florally fantastic offerings of the Cupcake Cafe. But you’d be mistaken.

Instead I’m going to quick post about a relative newcomer named, Crumbs. Nicely sited across from Bryant Park on 42nd street nearer 6th Avenue, I came across it on my ‘commute’ home, desperate to find a scone. While I didn’t find any scones, what I did find was a really different and delicious take on the humble cupcake.


While other, more well-known and aforementioned cupcake emporiums have made their fame based on the basic cupcake with various attractive toppings, Crumbs has elevated the cupcake to an entirely new level. Here you get Strawberry cupcakes with not only wonderful toppings, moist and light cake, but also a sweet cream and strawberry centre.

What’s more, they have the proportions exactly right. No ditching of the too thick buttercream frosting from other purveyor’s offerings. You will eat this cupcake in its entirety.

The range of choices is pretty overwhleming, and beside the strawberry, I also selected a chocolate mudslide that was a good balance between chocolate, sweet and cupcakeiness. Others on offer that caught my eye for the next time included the beautifully decorated carrot cake cupcake and the cupcake with the dazzling minim-M&M topping. And that’s just four from a few dozen options.

Crumbs gets the all thumbs up from me. Better than Magnolia without the lines; better than Buttercup without the over-frosting and limit on purchasing; better than the looks-better-than-it-tastes decor of Cupcake Cafe…and best of all, en route to home and work.

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  1. tanya,

    you are our personal zagat! this description makes us so eager to return to nyc. we can’t wait to see you and jay again! glad you returned to 11 madison ave. that picture hangs above my desk. one of my all time favorite meals!
    love to both,

  2. Milestone celebrations

    As the last hours of 2006 eke their way down, it’s time to make sure I note the milestone celebration we had for Jay’s birthday on the 19th….

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