Illustration courtesy of is not to be confused with that heartwarming teen flick of the same title that came out last year. As the IMDB description goes, it’s about four best girlfriends hatching “a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly.”

I saw the movie, I enjoyed it, and there are certainly parallels with the sisterhood I’m talking about. But this sisterhood is remarkably different.

I only heard rumours of its existence until I was unknowingly initiated thanks to the little stowaway. This sisterhood I speak of is that of moms, those women who have gone before me into the land of, well yes, babies, but before that destination, there is destination maternity…

…Or Destination Maternity and Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod and… yes, that high-priced place where pregnant women go to part with hard-earned cash for clothing to accommodate their growing bumps. Clothing that is hopefully both comfortable, fashionable and functional to their lives and lifestyles.

All I have done to adequately outfit myself for this adventure has been a very early shop at one of New York’s eponymous maternity emporiums that was having a huge sale — Veronique; an online trade-in of Amex rewards points for GapMaternity gear; and an in person purchase at Old Navy’s maternity aisles (note the “sale” orientation of all the above.)

Every other stitch of currently wearable clothing I have available is thanks to these dear women, this sisterhood. And my thanks to them is vast.

At work, a wonderfully soft blue blouse appeared. Then a sunflowered emblazoned bag containing a fabulous assortment of pants… that fit… that were comfortable! (Whoever devised that wonderfuly stretchy marsupially located panel deserves a hefty prize!)

Then a package from South Africa containing super soft tops and funky cargo pants (with lots of room for expansion.) And just this weekend, an astounding arrival. The equivalent of the maternity clothes lottery via UPS with love from Ohio. For a fabulous array of pants, t-shirts and various warm tops ideal for the cool (and cold) weather, I have my dear sister-in-law to thank. Many, many times over.

it’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of something much larger. And so supportive. I look forward to returning the many favours and, like that other feelgood movie “paying it forward.”

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