A few weeks ago we decided to head up the Hudson Valley to Cold Spring and take a Sunday hike. Now the concept, “Sunday hike,” would seem to suggest a lazy and relaxing but purposeful walk, requiring slightly more exertion than, say, a Sunday stroll. Were we wrong!

hike.jpgWe’d consulted our trusty guidebook and determined that a 5 mile, ‘moderate’ hike on the ruins of the Cornish Estate and up Mount Taurus. That “mount” part and those promised “scenic views” should have tipped us off. Tipped us off that our the guidebook’s “moderate” description was moderate for mountaineers, but “extreme” for weekend warriors like us.

Well, five hours later, scrambled up and down precipitous paths and deluged by a monsoon of rain, we slip slided our way up and down Mount Taurus and finally back to town. But as you can see, we did get to enjoy those promised views that were delivered, even through the grey and rain.

That will hopefully be the most strenuous exercise I get… until labour that is! But the little guy hung in there and apart from being very exhausted, we were fine. (You can see the growing baby bump in the photo.)

Plus I did get a lovely souvenier — while the friends we were hiking with (another family with close ties to South Africa) and I were installing ourselves in the welcoming warmth of a local Tuscan Bistro, Jay zoomed off to Hudson Trail Outfitters and bought me a fabulous, thick and soft t-shirt. It bears a good life logo: Do what you like. Like what you do.

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