sothebys.jpgWe came. We saw. We didn’t get to use our auction paddle.

This was at Sotheby’s wine auction of part of some uber-wealthy wine connoisseur, Park B Smith’s, wine collection. I’ve always wanted to go and see a Sotheby’s or Christie’s in action, so yesterday was the opportunity.

Genteel, with good food and an entertaining series of auctioneers, the event made its way through literally hundreds of parcels. Though not fast enough for us. Estimating that the items we were interested in would be up at 3pm (some five hours into the auction), it turned that they were only dealing with items more than a hundred away from ours.

So while we didn’t get to experience that frisson of excitement at waving our paddle to bid on a lot, and we didn’t witness the 50 cases of Rothschild (pictured above) that went for $1.1 million, we did get to enjoy six bottles of hotly contested wine successfully purchased at $110,000.00. Right. As the auctioneer said to the floor, “Folks, we’re at $100,000, please feel free to jump in at any time.”

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