stroller_l.JPGIn other exciting news, a gigantic box arrived two Fridays ago. Jay and I both thought it was the one remaining blind for Calvin’s future room. Solon, one of the gentlemen working here told me it was too large, so I left it for Jay to collect. I was in the apartment when Jay arrived home and rang the bell. I opened the door to a grunting Jay with this huge box saying, “It’s a stroller!”

For a moment it was like he was speaking a foreign language. ‘Stroller? Huh?’ He plopped it down in the dining area… we circled it like curious but suspicious dogs. We sat down on the sofa and stared at it. We left it unopened for three days to get used to the idea.

I’m happy to report that when we opened the box and removed the stroller we immediately knew how to open it. I’m a little less pleased to report that it took the two of us poring over the manual a full 15 minutes to work out how to close it. And then we felt really silly, as it’s remarkably easy. (Just a matter of identifying “a” and “b” and then working out that you have to do something to “b” before “a” which seems a little illogical in diagram labelling. Ah well.)

My mom commented that this was quite normal and that it would take us a little while to get used to it and then we’d get comfortable with this biggest sign yet that there is a baby due to join us… for real! A friend at work smiled broadly and commented, “Ah… treasure these moments of naivete, because in a few month’s time it’s all going to be completely normal.” And when we shared the experience with Jay’s mom, we finally figured out who we had to thank for the marvellous piece of transportation!

The event has also added to my languishing French vocabulary. Stroller = “la pousette.” Fabulous. And fabulous is definitely what this four-wheeler is — when I mention we have a Maclaren I almost never have the chance to get to the model as people nod and enquire if it’s “the Techno.” Indeed, yes. Reclinable in four positions, with a five-point harness, easily collapsible… all features that have come to have meaning in these recent months… an entire world that was invisibly visible before that.

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