It’s hard to believe that our youngest friend, Oliver, would have been a mere two weeks and two days if he’d been born on his due date. But, eager to get out and see the world, he popped out early in September. (Does this foreshadow a future with lots of frequent flier miles?)

We’ve been fans of Oliver since his in utero days. He was awfully cute when he made his advance appearance, but boy, does he get cuter day by day. That, and the adjective “little” seems to be less applcable as Oliver grows in leaps and bounds with the care and nurturing of his folks, family and friends. (You can read more about this cutie on the Team Oliver blog.)

The little guy is pretty stong and when I held him on my lap he managed to practically wiggle his way right off my lap! We’re looking forward to Calvin being able to call him a friend.

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