Because we live with the reality of the growing, internally bounding baby, I forget how unreal this must seem to friends far from here. (Although I did bump into a colleague in the lift yesterday who gasped at my bump and declared that even though we had last seen each other in a meeting not three weeks ago, he’d had no idea I was expecting!) So this photo, taken within the last fortnight, is a visual reply to a question a west coast buddy asked me on Christmas day, “Are you showing?”

Calvin went for his most recent check up this Wednesday, and we are now on two-weekly checkups until, well, until he decides it’s time to make an appearance. Quarters are getting slightly more cramped, although there are moments when I feel my tummy is being over-inflated and surely must pop!

He has positioned himself head downwards, with his bum to the right and feet to the left. This means that when he stretches, which he likes to do a couple of time a day, it looks like someone it trying to open an umbrella in my tummy. It kind of feels like that too! His bum is like a solid little ball and sometimes his feet are like a smaller ball, but just yesterday it felt like he was wiggling his toes… on the bottom of my ribcage and lungs.

We are making the most of a long weekend. Both of us has Friday and Monday off. So we’re washing the last of Calvin’s belongings — including African print receiving blankets, crib linens that perfectly complement the quilt I have *finally* finished! (thank you C for the gift card that made the sheet sets, bumper and mattress pad possible), and the tiniest pairs of NY Mets booties imaginable.

We are packing up some items for storage and moving our filing cabinet, which will do double duty as the changing table and upon which we can’t wait to place the soft but supportive pad complete with chamois soft cover. It will be bounded by a new chest of drawers that handyman Jay is going to assemble later today, and within which calvin’s many clothes and other items will finally have a home.

Calvin’s fabulous new bath is ready and waiting, as is his green froggy bathing towel. As Jay described it to his mom this morning, “You wrap the baby up in it after his bath, and he basically looks like a frog.”

We expect the crib to arrive in mid-January, and then we’ll pretty much be ready… at least as far as being ready for things that one can adequately prepare for! From what we can tell, a go with the flow, keep your options open kind of attitude is the best kind of preparation we can have the for rest of it. (And as Jay’s mom reminded us, “Don’t forget the bag to take to the hospital.)

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