octotunes_s.jpgThey say that there is something very appealing about a man who’s confident in his person, and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly. I *love* this photo!!! It illustrates the point brilliantly and also provides an eye-catching intro to an overdue posting about the fabulous spoiling we received at Calvin’s recent baby shower. We captured a few of the highlights and put them together in a photoessay. Click here to see it.

As if days of pampering, sleeping in, great food and family were not spoiling enough, we also got to enjoy a lovely family, baby shower thrown by my sisters-in-law A & R, and held at my mom-in-law’s home. It was loads of fun to reconnect with the extended family, sort of like a large family reunion (but with the men excused.)

shower2.jpgAnd what a wonderful celebration of expectation it was. I can’t express how awed and amazed we were at the planning, creativity and sheer hardwork that went into this event. Themed decor from the invitations to the decorations and the wrapping; home made platters of delicious foods for lunch that would leave a Food & Wine photographer salivating (both to take the photo and sample the subject!) and the incredible generosity of spirit and giving that was shared.

Baby Calvin went from a state of “might be naked some of the time” to “stylishly and comfy-clad with numerous outfits” in mere hours. He now has a selection of super soft blankets from which to choose — some for swaddling, some for going out on the town and some for wrestling away from his parents because they’re so darn cuddly! He has music, and books and toys and a musical octopus (already seen hanging out dishing about jazz with dad above), a full home medical kit (although we remain wary about that bulbous sucking device… and you said the thermometer might go where???), a crib, a stroller and an incredibly unique keepsake scrapbook just waiting to record his first year. Wow!

Who do you have to thank?

This wonderful start and the hours of comfort and delight our little guy is now equipped to have is thanks to many. We have tried to express our thank yous, but it’s not really enough. But again… *thank you* Amy, Amy, Carol, Carrie, Charita, Cheryl, Corky, Emily, Jennifer, Jess, Joyce, Karen, Kick, Marie, Molly, Nancy, Ranelle, Sandie, Sarah, Susie, Trish!!!

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