clock.pngIt’s bedtime for me… and baby-robics time for Calvin. Weekend mornings would be great for snoozing next to my snoozing hubby… but baby Calvin has very specific ideas about what time I need to get up and when breakfast needs to be eaten.

Yes, our little guy has a timetable in hand. He seems to be very organized and even without the usual clues to times of day — like light and noise — he is able to tell the time very well. Wake mom up for breakfast if she’s not up by 7:30am; remind mom to have a mid-morning mini-meal by 11:30am; time for supper please, it’s 7:30pm… and when mom goes to bed at around 11:30pm, it’s time for the baby disco to commence!

Perhaps that means that he will be amenable to sticking to a schedule when he moves out of my tummy and into the bigger world? Well, I can think about that while Calvin practices his breakdancing routine. Sleep tight!

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