bear_box.jpgYes that’s Tiffany blue. We’re putting the gift boxes we’ve been fortunate to accumulate to good use. This little sleepy beanie bear fronts the G-diaper supply (biodegradable, enviro-friendly, flushable diapers/nappies — check them out here — we’ll let you know if they work in a few months), as well as some washcloths. The bigger box has handily located diapers and other needed changing and feeding accoutrement.

dresser.jpgThis happy, blue collection is perched atop the surprisingly sturdy chest of drawers that Jay and I (mostly Jay) put together. When they said ‘assembly required’, they were quite serious! It was definitely the most pieces I’ve seen any piece of furniture come in! But on the plus side, the piece is impressively robust, right down to the parts that you can’t see, like the drawer bottoms.

The stowaway’s clothes are now neatly stowed away in the dresser and ready to dress the little guy. From hats and socks and bibs at the top, to increasingly larger sized Calvin clothes from top to bottom. Ready, steady and at the end of week 34, getting closer to go.

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