giraffe_bag.jpgOne of the things you learn, hopefully sonner than later, is that of the universe of things that you could possibly buy for your baby, you actually need very little of it. Retailers will try all kinds of ploys to encourage you to open your wallet — the safety and ‘what if’ angle; the ‘essential for the development of your child’ aspect; the stye never mind the money sell and the ridiculously cute and possibly of practical use items. This would be one of the latter.

Somehow Pottery Barn Kids found me, and our mailbox has been pelted with every child-related catalogue they produce. I’m not sure who their direct marketing team thinks is going to need to five-piece child-sized pink kitchen in our household — hey, our kitchen is already un-supersized as it is! Or if anyone gave half a thought to where a space-challenged Manhattan family would put their furniture series for the art and craft room, the playroom and the children’s bathroom.

But they knew what they were doing when they snuck in the animal-styled storage items for the bathroom and travel. But even when my imagination was piqued by the crocodile, elephant and giraffe toiletry bag options, I resisted, reasoning that it didn’t justify the price tag. But seeing as it is the season for sales, it wasn’t too long before the next catalogue was delivered complete with a discounted offering. So a few clicks and a few days later saw the delivery of one giraffe toiletry bag.

Jay still isn’t sure that it *is* a giraffe — you do have to suspend the expectation that it bears any giraffe-like shape i.e. long narrow neck or legs. Polling a friend who came by didn’t produce any better results. He thought it was some sort of marsupial, especially because it zips open in the pouch zone (but that could also be related to his upcoming downunder-bound departure.)

Regardless, it’s ridiculously cute and yes, has enoough waterproof storage capacity to be useful too. So we’re looking forward to using it on future trips. But hey, what’s your animal guess on the pictured item?

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  1. On the rocks

    Why this title for today’s post? Simply because we’ve had ice granules raining down on New York and against our windows, for hours today. Not snow. Not Sleet. Perhaps frozen rain?…

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