BW-mobile.jpgThe mobile for the cradle is one thing (and fellow mom M and I agree on our favourite), but from what I hear and read, it’s also helpful to have something attention getting above the baby changing location.

As per ‘year of the boar’ characteristics my mom was just telling me about this weekend, of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity to rather make a mobile than buy one. So I had a lot of fun devising some simple and non-representative, monochrome blocks that I hope will keep Calvin intrigued for the first half year.

Some foam core board, glue, needle and thread and a mobile skeleton from the MoMA Store later… and voila, a mobile is born. Plus the blocks are double-sided, so hopefully the ability to change the visual items on offer will make for interesting viewing when the little guy is comfortably lying on his back.

Calvin’s changing pad is pretty cool. It fits exactly on top of the filing cabinet and sports an absurdly soft, light green chamois cover. What you see in the photo is what will be the baby’s eye view.

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