fish_mobile.jpgThe baby suite is coming along. So you can expect to get quite a few updates over the next few weeks — especially as the number of weeks to “B-day” near. (Six weeks and counting!)

Jay and G did an awesome job with the very complicated blinds for Calvin’s room. Inset windows on a corner… but these birch blinds perfectly match the bookshelves and filing cabinet. And they’re fantastic at creating a calm and dark room with the light tug of a string.

Today we also discovered the perfect place to finally install the beautiful wire art mobile my brother and his wife commissioned for us. We’ve been enjoying it hanging from our bookshelves, but this is far better. Now it’s installed in the corner where the windows meet, the multi-coloured beads illuminated by the light streaming in and the fabulous fish and sea horse twisting ever so gently.

I think the stowaway will enjoy seeing them — that is, once his vision develops. But it will be right there to attract and capture his attention, visible from his crib and from the comfy leather sofa where we’re likely to find ourselves during a feeding time or two.

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