nymag.gifOne of the many reasons I’ll publicly admit to enjoying my weekly dose of ‘New York Magazine‘ is what our household likes to call, “the real estate p*rn.” Yes, the magazine is filled with pages of full colour adverts of new developments, real estate companies’ latest offerings, and a glimpse of the sorts of setup one can get for a million or 23.

What can I say now that our little neighbourhood has been singled out for attention in the daily NY Mag dose? As you see, Hell’s Kitchen is dubbed as “trendy but unpolished.” Music to my ears, because that’s exactly what a New York neighbourhood ought to be.

But of course, the ghosts of development future lurk with every trendy new boutique and fabulousy designed dining emporium that opens… we’ll simply have to savour the ‘true grit’ while it lasts!

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