…our daily bread. Well, it wouldn’t have been possible without the serendipitous intersection of my after work trajectory and that of my co-worker, K.

Zipping out of the apartment this morning I managed to leave behind not only my cellphone — now supercharged — and an infusion of cash. It’s a good test of how far you can make $5.50 go — one hot water and milk for self-supplied morning tea (25c), one veggie sub with chips ($4.45) for lunch, eaten in the glorious sunshine on a garden bench in a Tudor City Park (priceless. But no, this isn’t a Mastercard spoof.) By 4pm I had to borrow a $1 to satisfy a hot chocolate craving.

Contemplating supper possibilities on the way home I stopped into Grand Central Market and enquired whether I could charge a baguette. The answer was unfortunately not. (But hang on — howcome you can charge a $3.53 coffee at Starbucks, even on your Amex card?)

So I had to forsake that loaf from Corrado, the same loaf recently nominated one of New York’s best baguettes in New York Magazine.

But help was literally at hand. As I relinquished the loaf a friendly “Hi” and a terrific smile halted me. It was K, also making a pitstop through Grand Central Market. And it is thanks to her that I managed to acquire today’s bread. Thanks K! (And yes, you should definitely check out her blog, here.)

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