webber_s.jpgNow that we’ve constructed the chest of drawers and washed all Calvin’s clothes in Dreft (which turns out to be less costly than the liquid we use for our clothes!), I got to enjoy folding and putting away our little guy’s things.

They’re adorable. From the creamy layette from Jay’s mom that has the cutest African animals on it, to the racy red T-shirt from my mom. (Interestingly a South African size 1-1.5 years is the same as a US 6-12 months. Yikes!) The tiniest New York Mets booties and the georgeous crocheted jerseys and jackets from family friends Eddie and Jeanette in South Africa (see the photo above.)

It’s going to be difficult to decide what little outfit to pack in “the bag” for the little guy to wear when we leave the hospital. Right now I’m leaning towards a onesie from Jay’s mom combined with the bunting that a certain Jay was carried home in. Add to that a borrowed car seat care of our dear friends C,M&O, and a blue hued blanket and we could reprise the nuptial “something old, new, borrowed and blue!”

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