tummy_gaze_BW_s.gifI can hardly believe that it’s four days and counting down until I start my maternity leave. At work, the rule is that you must start maternity leave two weeks before your due date. Our due date is 23 February, although both due dates and first babies are notoriously unreliable. Apparently only 20% of all babies arrive on their due date and the average gestation for first babies is 41 weeks and 1 day. But then there are always those little people who make even earlier entrances, the I guess the scouts rule is in force: be prepared!

So the only ‘plan’ I really have in place for whatever time I have prior to Calvin’s appearance is to see if it’s possible to build up a sleep surplus — does sleep work like national budgets? Or at the very least, to thoroughly relish every morning I am able to ignore alarm clocks both mechanical and human, and soak up being in bed.

Similarly, I plan to get at least two decades worth of soaking up silence. From what I hear from seasoned parents added to my personal recollections, New York’s Ninth Avenue is nothing compared to the aural symphony (or is that cacophony?) that will soon be the soundtrack to our lives. But it’s an additional soundtrack we are looking forward to.

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