playmat.jpgThe colourful box is tastefully put together. The playmat carry bag uses good design principles and applies white space to balance the alternate monochrome and technicolour explosions barely contained in its plastic boundaries. The contents are anything but usual. Welcome to the world of “ZQ.”

“ZQ”, that would be the intersection of emotional intelligence and early childhood development and a range of signature products from Canadian designed, European favourited and China-made Kushies.

The marketing spiel is madly effusive, reading “Zolo’s progressive design stimulates the recruitment of a wider variety of brain cells than traditional baby products, which helps to create a more open minded and flexible thinkier.”

I’m not sure I buy it… but I do buy the products because they certainly appeal to me. Colourful but not garish. Multi-tasking and targeted to a wide range of early childhood developmental aspects. No batteries required. And no design that is in the box, or that would reinforce any conventional wisdom.

Gotta love it.. and I’m hoping Calvin will too.

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