There are different ways of marking time. But it gets wierd when you’re counting down to an unknown date and time as we are with Calvin’s arrival. As I described it to one friend, it’s like anticipating Christmas, except you’re not quite sure which day out of a possible 14 it could fall on!

So there are moments that strike you as the time period draws closer. Like when I bought my current monthly subway Metrocard and Jay vocalized my thoughts, commenting “You’re probably not going to use the whole thing because we’ll have a baby before the card runs through the 30 days it’s valid for.” Crazy!

Or take last night for example. We saw the preview for a movie opening later this month. ‘Looks interesting,’ Jay and I nodded to each other, and then stopped mid-nod as we realized we’d probably have one more viewer in the family by then.

This week’s check-up was yet another “tick” on the Calvin clock. The move from monthly to bi-monthly to weekly visits has been a way of keeping pace with the stowaway’s approaching arrival. But when I made the appointment for next week, I realized that… there’s a chance I won’t be needing it!

That was further reinforced by one of our doctors who bid me farewell with the words, “Maybe we’ll see you before then!” I apologized in advance to the front desk, saying “If we have the baby before the next appointment, I’m probably going to forget to cancel it.” “Don’t worry,” they smiled. “We’ll know! Good luck!”

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

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