snow_s.gifWhy this title for today’s post? Simply because we’ve had ice granules raining down on New York and against our windows, for hours today. Not snow. Not Sleet. Perhaps frozen rain?

Today made me realize (yet again) how meteorologically fortunate my South African childhood was. After all, there was no equivalent to a ‘snow day’, you simply went to school every day the term was scheduled, unlike the tens of thousands of parents around the US today who had to figure out who was going to stay at home because school was cancelled.

Thus, I am not the freaky Arctic weather expert. Neither is this little striped creature pictured above against the frozen landscape. The jury is out as to whether he is a monkey, a cow, or perhaps some other creature. But the clear consensus is that s/he is a) cute b) very happy to be indoors today and c) is going to be a real favourite with Calvin.

Outside-the-box (or rather, ‘what box?’) identities happily seem to be the way with things for our little guy. The ever-widening survey sample of the toiletry case continues to confound — with the latest suggestions being lion, antelope and marsupial in general, including wombat and kangaroo…

It gets crazier when you look at some of his other toys which include multi-headed tuggable hydra creatures with odd numbers of eyes and morphologies only someone on schedule 4 psychotropic drugs could have come up with! But at least he won’t be Disneyfied into thinking conventionally from birth!

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