scarry.gifSo, how does one spend the first day of maternity leave? Hovering around the apartment ‘just in case’? Lazing about and sleeping in late? Or a little more like Richard Scarry’s Busy Busy World (one of my favourite childhood books.)

Okay, no prizes for guessing it was the latter. I made it out of bed ahead of Jay, but not out of the apartment. There were many phone calls to make — paediatricians to interview, missing cribs to track down and my number one mission of the day: a prenatal massage to schedule before it became a post-natal one!

Then getting dressed proved to be somewhat more challenging. There was the perplexing state of affairs that appears to have only two pair of pants and one dress (all in the laundry basket) that still fit since Calvin and therefore my tummy, have dropped. But with a little clothing compensation, we managed to make it out the door in a presentable alternate ensemble on our rounds.

First, a major mailing stop at our local post office. Then off to the east side for the massage — what bliss!!! An amazing and buttery Christmas present from Jay. Then it was downtown to Union Square to collect a repaired lamp and hang out at Barnes and Noble. And then rendezvousing at home.

Ahhh… time to put the feet up.

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