block_bat.gifIn the past two weeks, Calvin’s fifth, he has surprised us with some new discoveries. They’re new for all of us, and quite exciting as we explore his developing world together.

Friends J&L gifted the little guy a stunning set of blocks. Then A came to visit and added three padded items to the mix. It was the magic combination. The next day, it was like a little switch had been flipped and Calvin took notice of the blocks and ball and triangle. He saw them, contemplated them and most exciting of all, started taking wild swings at them with his hands and arms. I must admit that even I as the totally biased mom find myself impressed with his ability to actually connect with the items.

As if this was not exciting enough, he’s added a personal soundtrack too. The first two times Calvin rallied forth with urbles and shrieks I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. It didn’t sound alarming. It didn’t sound like a cry. He actually seemed to be quite happy sounding off. What was I supposed to do now? We soon worked out that he was starting to vocalize and have been encouraging him and ‘conversing’ with him. You can watch a low-resolution video of him vocalizing, below.

His final party trick is to creep (with assistance) when on his tummy. He loves to have someone place their hands underneath the soles of his feet so he can push off against them. He will grunt like crazy (imagine the sound of someone benchpressing a lot of weight), clench his fists and by pushing first one and then the other leg against your palm, he will move himself across his playmat in a somewhat haphazard fashion. Of course this is something he can only keep up for a limited period of time. Current personal best: a 15cm manouvre.

Of course the smilestone we are eagerly anticipating is yet to come. No smiles yet (unless one wants to count the blissful grin on his face as he drifts off after a feeding sometimes), but we’re hanging on every curvature of his mouth in anticipation.

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