swaddle.gifActually, in our household, that is no longer a question. Calvin has unequivocaly made it clear that he is neither a minature human burrito nor a pint-sized patient at a mental institution… or at least that’s the interpretation one must reach when observing the determination, disdain and persistence in his rejection of being swaddled.

Swaddling worked perfectly fine for this first 2 weeks… but then Calvin began, nap-by-nap and sleep-by-sleep, to make it clear that neither blanket, nor sleepsack, nor kiddopotamus, nor any other application of velcro was going to work. He is both flexible and strong for his size, managing to extricate himself from any number of wrapping techniques. (Before you ask, no, we forgoed trying duct tape in favour of following our baby’s lead ;0)

Calvin’s favourite sleep position is hands flung up above his head, with a blanket lightly placed across his lower abdomen and legs. Frozen hands don’t bother him. He will smack himself in the face when he startles, but he is also learning to put himself to sleep.

And with our champ having just racked up a five hour overnight sleep followed by a 6:45 overnight sleep the next evening (we’re looking at this as a most welcome anomaly and hoping for more regular occurences!), we think he is deserving of the description of being one of the “happiest babies on the block,” despite the absence of Dr. Karp’s swaddling.

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