outing.gifHas parenthood condemned me to fifth guessing every other Calvin-related decision? Take today, his 16th, for example. A frigid, snowy day, but one in which we decided to venture two blocks to a local coffeeshop. The lure? The promise of fellow newborn mommies-‘n-the-Hell’s-Kitchen-hood.

But getting those two blocks seemed to involve logistics rivalling a military invasion. Too cold to go out, or not? Should we use the wrap or the Baby Bjorn? Should he wear his snowsuity outerwear or the suit from Jay’s babyhood? Should he go out at all as the outing would run through his awake time (all of 40-60 minutes right now) into his nap time? What would the end result of the outing be — cranky baby versus socially stimulated mom? How long would it take us to get ready and out the door?

In the end it all turned out unexpectedly, as I’m discovering is the status quo when littlest ones are involved. At some 20F (minus 7C or something crazy like that!), we decided to venture forth dressing Calvin in Jay’s baby suit (as he’s still too little for the others) and popped him in the Baby Bjorn.

The local Starwich cafe is quite delightful. It is the coffeeshop I always said we needed in the neighbourhood but didn’t discover until now. Complete with chesterfield couches and tables and all arranged intimately in the relatively large space; free wireless internet access and powerpoints; a good selection of newspapers and magazines to read and huge sunny windows… the perfect place to while away the hours, or write.

It is also apparently the perfect place for moms to meet, and they do so regularly… just not today. I did meet a delightful set of twins and their mom and nanny who happened to be there, but no one else appeared for the scheduled newborn mommies kafe klatch. But we had a satisfying coffee break, did a grocery run… and then yes, had to contend with a slighly cranky Calvin who took longer than usual to get to the important business of napping.

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