smile_s.gifNight and day at the baby bunker are sometimes only distinguishable by whether you’re attempting to grab a brief nap with Calvin with the blinds open or closed. Our little chap is indeed a blend of both Jay and I — simultaneously a late night owl (“I’ll take another of those milky cocktails, thanks!”) and an early bird (“Say, it’s dawn… about time for an early start on breakfast.”)

While I find myself still reeling about, it is with a sense of some gradual improvement in key competencies. Like having figured out how to actually get Calvin’s various pieces of clothing on and off him, incremmentally improving on nappy changing efficiencies, and being able to pack up a backpack to go with his gear.

The little guy himself is a delight and it is amazing the little leaps he is already making: from a birth weight of 8lbs 6oz to just under 9lbs; how he has started to track movements, of mom, dad or one of his toys.

snooze_s.gifCalvin already established some of his Big Apple cred this past week, having strolled through Central Park, and taken his first rides on the subway, the bus and a in few yellow taxi cabs. He also almost managed to endure an entire foreign language film… but needed a little snack break.

Getting out and about has made parenthood seem a little more manageable and pleasantly connected to quotidian life at large — “Look at us, we’re doing ordinary things like grocery shopping… with our baby!” In other aspects it’s also amazing how some things have changed quite radically — “Oh yes, it’s Friday night… ”

And then you catch a glimpse, an expression, a response, over before your synapses can register “Grab the camera!!!” and that moment feels seared forever in your brain somewhere, together with the overwhelming connectedness and warmth it generates right through your soul.

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  1. Hi Tanya
    A temporary colleague of mine, Yoon Park, knows your brother, and somehow we stumbled onto your name the other day. I was thrilled to hear that you’d given birth and now that I’ve seen the pics, even more so.
    Calvin is very attractive for such a small baby! You must be feeling extremely proud when you take him shopping or strolling.
    Lots of admiration and congratulations from Chris, Malaika and I and hope that you have a fantastic time getting to know the ins and outs of parenthood!

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