mom_lunch4.jpgIf I had to give a new mom any piece of advice — and believe me as a new mommy I steer clear of dispensing any such thing! — I would recommend finding other new moms of similarly-aged infants. Fast!

Through an existing neighbourhood mom’s group our neighbours told us about, and a facilitated new mom’s group organized the center we’d done our prenatal yoga and child birth classes at, I was fortunate enough to find myself among fellow new moms. They’ve been a source of sanity, support and fun.

On the sanity side, it has been reassuring to realize that I’m not the only mom to rate the first case of diaper rash they’ve ever seen as reason to sound the pediatrician alarm, not the only one to almost obsessively record complete with time stamp, Calvin’s activites through the day.

mom_lunch3.jpgFor the fun factor we’ve enjoyed shared teas and lunches. And just last week we got to experience what happens when you throw a talented pastry chef into the mix: delicious results! A half-dozen new moms and their babes-in-arms, babes-in-Bjorns and babes-in-various-strollers were hosted for lunch at the Upper West Side home of one of the moms. The drinks, sumptuous salad and sandwich selection were chicly presented and tasted even better.

The best was saved for last: lunch was crowned with a to-die-for tiramisu and, when each of us departed for our various abodes with tykes in tow, individually presented cream cheese brownies. Ahhh, let Scooby have his snacks, I’m signing up for brownies.

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