48.gifPerhaps you’re a fan of the TV programme ’24’ starring Keifer Sutherland as character Jack Bauer. Each season is a day in the life of Bauer, presented in real time. Bauer works with the U.S. Government as it fights threats on its soil, and the show is based in Los Angeles. (You can read much more about it on the Wikipedia entry.)

But a friend, NE, forwarded me something that is at least double the fun. ’48: When ’24’ just isn’t enough time‘ depicts Jack Bauer fighting threats to the US on South African soil. It comes care of cartoonists Stephen Francis and Rico. To get maximum enjoyment from their pithy and punny 48 you do need a little colloquial translation. So with apologies to copyright limits, I include a cartoon or two with translation and highly recommend you visit the official Madam and Eve website at www.madamandeve.co.za for more online hilarity.

Words you need to know to ‘get it’:
“Issit”: is it? Is that so?
“China”: colloquialism for ‘friend’, not necessarily friendly, also sarcastic.
“Sharp, sharp”: used as a greeting, a farewell, for agreement or just to express enthusiasm

ADT: a private security company residents hire to protect their homes etc.
Russians: a type of sausage

Go here for more South African English.

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