aunt_s.gifCalvin’s been making some developmental leaps of late, leaving us both happy and momentarily confused. Four major developments stand out.

One is his stringing together of multiple syllables into polysyllabylic vocalizations. Oh yes, and upping the volume on them too! You can hear (and see) him giving his opinion on life, the universe and everything in the video below. (Humourously, he reacted and started ‘talking back’ to himself when I was reviewing the video.)

Another that you probably already spotted, is his ability to bring his hands together, and grasp things in his hands. He has been giving the playgym a real workout as he grabs on to different toys and yanks on them. Alternately he will also gently handle a toy, turning it over in his hands, grabbing different bits of it and…

…that’s right, advance number three, stick out his tongue and like a reptile, gently tongue its surface. (As one fellow mom pointed out, surely this is evolutionary risky behaviour?!) After a tongue test, the item may well be in for more mouthing, gumming, drooling and hickey-like sucking attention. I need to add that moms are apparently not off limits for such exploration. I’ve hand my hands tongued, my hair and glasses grabbed and my neck hickified!

And if all that activity hasn’t gotten you exhausted, there’s one more: rolling about. Calvin has only once, accidentally rolled over, then giving himself a shock and resulting in tears. However he has rocketed himself off the couch (ouch!) and is spending a lot of time rolling from side to side while on his back. He will also rotate himself around his playmat (clockwise, in case you were wondering.)

Phew. It’s no wonder that the little guy is ready for bed when bedtime comes around. Yesterday evening we put him in his crib when he was drowsy so he could put himself to sleep. He was sleeping peacefully when Jay went to check in on him. I was behind Jay when he turned to me quizzically and whispered, “I’m guessing that’s not how you put him in?” Calvin looked extremely comfortable, but was rotated 90 degrees from where I lay him, with head and feet pressed up against the sides of his crib.

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