heart_s.gifIt feels entirely wierd to be celebrating today… as a recipient of cards and wishes. In my mind, Mothers’ Day was always reserved for my mom. But as a new mom I must admit that it is a lovely milestone, a day to reflect back on the past (almost 12) weeks, on the many things to be thankful for, and to celebrated it with a fellow threesome.

First of all, there is this delightful little boy to be thankful for. Earlier this week we were playing with different items so Calvin could explore textures. Needless to say, he loves this furry scraf, and as he delighted in it, I couldn’t help but be inspired to set up this shot, with the intention of posting it today.

Then there are the fellow moms in my life to be most thankful for. Mine, of course, for whom I grow ever more grateful to on an almost hourly basis — if you asked me what the biggest impact of momhood has been, it would be a deepening and truer appreciation of my mom!

liz.gifAnd there are other moms to be very, very thankful for — moms-in-law, sisters-in-law and friends old and new who are also mom titleholders. These women have been fantastic sages and supporters to me, from advice on how to tackle a dreadful case of nappy rash (a hairdryer on the cool setting followed by cream), and knowing gifts that are well worth their weight in platinum, to assurances that one should trust one’s instincts regardless of what any book says.

So it was appropriate that one mom I am particularly grateful to came to visit (see photo). LG has been the dispenser of advice, references and down home, South African sagacity. (Though she also wisely knew that I was going to buy those baby sunglasses even though the most use Calvin is likely to get from them is as a new plaything rather than a UV 400 buster!) It has been invaluable to have on our team a mom who brings that special something to the mix — the SA to USA translation.

The array of moms-we’re-thankful-to-have-in-our-lives includes the one we spent yesterday afternoon with in Queens. L&S’s Nina-Rose had, of course, a starring role in our wedding, and she continues to be a delight. Calvin got to try out her Bumbo chair and got pretty comfy in it, as well as chilling out (eventually!) to an awesomely relaxing white noise track that made us all feel like we were standing in the middle of a waterfall.

cal_ol2_s.gifEqually appropriate was the way we got to celebrate today — with C&M, the very catalysts that resulted in Jay and I meeting, and hence, the catalysts of little Calvin’s very existence. Moms were toasted with special bubbly and an incredible array of grilled goods — here here for onset of summer — and finished with a scrumptious pie!

Most fun was that the babies got to hang out together. Oliver kindly shared his toys with Calvin, who enjoyed a new play gym perspective as you can see below. Oliver showed off the difference a few months can make, scooting about at top speed and wrestling a giant peapod toy into something akin to a full nelson hold.


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