bobo_bed.gifThere is more food in our apartment than we’ve ever had before. We’re eating regularly, on time, nutritious, home cooked meals and…at the dining room table!!! Who do we have to thank for the welcome sea change? Bobo.

That would be Calvin’s grandmother or “Bobo.” The past ten days we have been busy — hence the lack of posts — in acclimating Bobo to both the climate and Calvin’s world. She’s triumphed over jetlag, much more than just the six hours when you take her four-continent flight into account. She flew from Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa) to the Middle East (Dubai, UAE) through Western Europe (Hamburg, Germany) to get here (New York, USA.)

Then there is the geographic climate; chilly winter in the southern hemisphere to hot and humid, steamy in the city, New York. That’s about a 20 degree C difference right there.

mom-cone_s.gifAs for Calvin’s climate, the forecast is sunny, but with a few scattered thundershowers. Those showers would be the precious tears he’s shed once or twice in protest to the lengthening periods I’ve been apart from him. It’s all in the hope of making tomorrow’s full day return to work less traumatic.

The little guy is smart all right. According to grandma, he realizes that I’ve been gone for a while and starts to search the room for me, imagining I’ve become truly lost in an extended game of peek-a-boo. But it’s a game of stave off the boo-hoos instead.

Thank goodness for Bobo.

But it hasn’t been all work and no play for grandma. I’m happy to report there’s been decent amounts of chocolate confections consumed, teas enjoyed up and down the west side of Manhattan, and in a special nod to summer and my last day of maternity leave, a sidewalk Mr. Frosty ice cream cone. (Evidence above.)

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