Today was a milestone of a different kind in little Calvin’s life. Most of his milestones thus far have been joyful — his first real smile, ability to roll over and sit up. So we’ve celebrated them. But today was not so. It was a somewhat painful milestone that will likely take some time to be dealt with: mom’s first day back at work.

On the upside, we have little to worry about the little guy’s lung capacity, endurance and tear ducts. According to grandma, all three work very well and for sustained periods. I can attest to their output as he was still crying when I reached home nine hours after I left… to hear him wailing as the lift ascended to our floor.

It is an amazing feeling to be someone’s personal panacea, though. As he realized that I was there, manifest, he calmed down, snuggled and was soon giving me smiles and giggles. Would that all life’s unhappiness could be thus solved!

So we’re all turning in early tonight, hoping that tomorrow might be a little better, a little less bittersweet. But I can report to the punters that, yes, Calvin has proven to be the one thing that has gotten me to leave “on time” for the first time ever!

Returning to work was an odd feeling; a mixture of having never left to having been gone for a very long time. The calls, confidence boosting messages, fish for my virtual aquarium and a beautiful bouquet of roses all helped me with my transition. Thank you all the way around!

And I guess I should consider it an auspicious day to return to work, seeing as it is also the first day of World Breastfeeding Week. That provided me with a good opener to forewarn anyone who might be tempted to ignore the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on my door. (Actually, the sign I’ve chosen to put into action reads, “Don’t you think there might be a good reason not to disturb me?” with a snarky minimalist character depicted.)

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