loft.gifCalvin may not be able to tell you what goes on in men’s rooms, but he’s had an all access pass equivalent into the ladies fitting rooms.

The little guy was only somewhat impressed by the stage-worthy 15 foot, red velvet curtain and literal red carpet treatment at Anne Taylor, but the stars on the doors and the backstage lighting did catch his eye.

We can attest that the very best (and commission-induced) service can be had when you have a lad strapped to your front who charms everyone within a 5 metre radius. (Attention shoppers, the knot of people clustered to the right of the store has nothing to do with a good deal and everything to do with a most sociable tiny tot.)

After charming the public, he chilled out with Bobo, checking out his reflection while we modelled potential new duds. Verdict? He maintains the best dressed award, especially in the chapeau department.

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