xmascard_s.gifIt’s that time of year again. The smell of newly felled trees destined to stand tall and decked out in holiday finery in someone’s home… The preponderance of foodstuffs from pasteries to coffee flavoured with peppermint, cinnamon and chocolate… The light plop as our holiday card — virtual or real — lands in your in-box.

This year we were torn. Torn between the myriad of daily to dos that take over one’s life when you share it with a tiny person, and the card! Torn creatively between good suggestions — like the inspired one from EW and RF, who suggested a family portrait involving Calvin perched on our six foot tall carved giraffe. It sounded like a winning concept, until we realized Calvin didn’t need any further encouragement to play Tenzing to our giraffe Mt Everest. (Plus we also realized that a Christmas-hat-totting giraffe had graced one of our Christmas postcards a few years ago.)

So what to do?

By now you know the answer to that question. A little sketching, a little scanning, a little airbrushed colour and, voila, this year’s Xmas offering. The postcards have spanned all manner of line graphics, photomontage, collage and a lot of fun over the years. We love doing them. And we hope that this year’s offering, a little fanily self-protrait of us on the subway on the A train at our stop, Times Square, brings a little of our world into yours and, along with it, our very warmest wishes for the festive season, and a marvellous 2008.

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