Never mind the ghastly weather we’re experiencing here right now, with bone chilling gusts lowering already chilly temperatures. Weather conditions would certainly have given me pause about attending the aforementioned Easter Parade, but the fact is that I am plain sick.

It’s been a on and off feeling ill experience over recent weeks. Headaches and body aches, coupled with exhaustion. I’d put it down to a week of hard work or probably a light case of whatever bug was doing the round at the office, but I began to reevaluate my wellness reasoning yesterday evening when I had to ask for help to open the mouthwash bottle, didn’t have the strengh to lift my son and had to go to bed fully clothed because I felt so cold when according to Jay I was actually running a fever.

After a stern lecture from Jay on taking care of myself, he dispatched me out the Good Friday door to the doctor. The doctor confirmed the fever, added a throat infection to the mix and ordered up a battery of tests ranging from dengue fever, malaria and mono to something I’m sure he called parvo virus. (However, having checked the web that appears to be something that afflicts cats and dogs, so let’s hope I’m not setting a new bar for inter-species infection.)

So looks like the Easter weekend will be bed and bed, with fluids on the side.

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