The run between Sunday and today has been a little crazy. Poor Calvin was battling the evolution of his cold to a truly frightening cough that rattled his body and kept him from going to sleep. But then Jay’s first Sunday softball game turned dangerous.

Somewhere around third base, an attempted slide resulted in an ankle that turned blue and quickly swelled to twice its normal size. It turned out to be an ankle sprain and after icing, wrapping and elevating and two days of rest, I’m glad to say that it’s improving.

Also on the mend is the littlest member of the household. Some honey-based homeopathic cough soothing syrup plus Vicks Babyrub on his chest and time is helping him heal. More time and patience will be needed to sit out his latest bout of teething — there are three molars on the move! As one of his caregivers says, “Does Calvin need a person today?” You see, one of the most soothing things to chew in his classroom are these toy figures. The most soothing chew figure is a policewoman who has her arm in the air.

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