swing.gifWe have been enjoying a grand weekend as Calvin’s Pop and wife, Carol, are in town. The cherry on the top has been some unexpectedly good weather. Over a delicious supper at Bar Blanc last night, we had been musing on toddler-appropriate activities for today. Saturday was forecast as being rainy, so our thoughts included the Manhattan Children’s Museum and the Museum of Natural History — great options, but ones always over-run on weekends and even moreso on wet ones.

Fortunately we got to have a day of the great outdoors:
* Breakfast at our local diner.
* A stop at our community garden. It was Spring volunteers day so we stayed long enough for Calvin to charm some of the hard-working volunteers with his raking skills and for him to show everyone his favourite spot in the garden — the pebble patch. (Seen below.)
pebble.gif* Exploring Central Park. It took us an extended time to make it from the Columbus Circle gate to the new Hecksher Playground, where Calvin finally got the attraction of the giant sandpit. He also had a super swinging session. Then it was time for some al fresco lunch and more exploring of drains and muddy pools of water, and then time for us to take him home to nap.
* Post nap, Calvin and I got to make some new friends in the playground across the street, where he is sharpening his jungle gym skills. We bumped into our new babysitter Ilva there, and a few hours later she enabled us all to have some adult time together over dinner in our neighbourood at Whym.

All-in-all a delightful weekend… and it’s only Saturday night!

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