It’s moving time again. This time from West to East. After having leaned on two awesome sets of friends the last move, I vowed never again. That’s just not fair. I still don’t feel like I’ve ever fairly expressed my thanks to K&A and S&L for their generosity and mucles!

So this time, we’ve had three moving companies in to quote on moving us across town. Apart from the astounding cost — one has to lay down, never mind sit — the more astounding thing is the amount of boxes involved. Two of the three companies estimated between 130 and 140 boxes.

So far, I have packed 7. No others have been packed. As I’m the kind of person who likes to be well prepared, I am planning to try and accomplish as much as I can incremmentally — no procastination if possible! So forgive me if the next few weeks bear only a progress count as I try to move the contents of our apartment.

Monday 9 June
Target: 130 boxes.
Packed: 7
To go: 123…

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