I think Calvin is having me on. Toying with my parental desire to make sure he fits in his various food groups in a day’s worth of meals. And not only that, I think he’s developing top-shelf tastebuds!

What makes me think this? Simply that he keeps us guessing as to what he’ll eat from meal to meal. Meatballs? He loved SS’s recipe and rejected the expensive offerings we plated. Then week before last, we followed SS’s recipe to the T, proffered the meatball offering, and had to deal with rejection. But then, a week later when the meatballs were reprised for a lunch… he ate them all.

It’s not just the guessing — that’s par for the toddler course. It’s the selectivity that’s really interesting. For example, he has yet to turn down a meal of Maryland crabcakes. Mozarella cheese sticks used to be the rage, but now he’s become a cheese connoisseur, favouring imported Spanish semi-softs and raw sheep’s milk slices. Fish sticks no longer make the grade, in their stead we might have to upgrade to tortilla-encrusted tilapia fillets — a significant portion of my dinner went the little guy’s way just this evening.

But we do have a minor milestone to celebrate — Calvin’s first, adult food only dinner. He made his way voraciously through savoury rice with turkey and egg; slices of roncal (a raw sheep’s milk cheese); summer sweetcorn on the cob; the aforementioned rather spicy, tortilla-encrusted tilapia; rounded off with succulent slices of fresh peach. Burp!



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  1. I was curious as to how my mixed baby would look like (I’m Malaysian Chinese and husband is American Caucasian) when I came across your site. I’ve enjoyed reading your family’s life journey and love your pixs! Calvin is so cute!

    I can’t wait to meet the one in my belly! (I’m due Feb. 22, 2009)

  2. Wow, talk about so many things in common — your baby is due within two days of Calvin’s birthday. Thank you so much for reading — can’t wait to see your little one when s/he is born.

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