MAD.jpgNext Wednesday we’ll be heading off for the opening event for the new home for the Museum of Art and Design, MAD. What a great acronym!

Located at 2 Columbus Circle (apparently abbreviated to “2CC”,) we’ve been keeping our eyes on the progress of the re-envisioning of the building and it looks quite excellent. Sleek in its bridal white tile, a good foil for setting off the collections within. (Photo courtesy of MAD.)

It’s not often one gets the chance to attend the opening of a new museum or a new museum location. Though, upon reflection, we also got to enjoy the festivities when MOMA re-opened, and although didn’t attend, the Morgan Library is yet another recent example of rebirth and modernization, so perhaps those opportunities have not been so few and far between as I initially thought.

But in any event, now I get to ponder the question… what to wear.



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