Woe is the situation of someone used to having Adobe Creative Suite at their fingertips and being reduced to using Photopaint… and to having their CD player integrated on their laptop. The latter, of course, only matters when you need it… and then it matters.

Although it’s taken me almost a fortnight, I have finally taken a look at the excellent photos from the Ohio family reunion. (Many cheers to the photographer who is one of Calvin’s cousins!)

Yes, yes, there are group photos and family photos, but I’ve biased my posting on a pair that give a pretty good idea of what our guy looks like now. It literally puts meat to the statistics of Calvin’s 18-month check up this week, where he clocked in at 33 inches tall and 26 1/2 pounds. Check out the hair (strawberry blonde!); the eyes (blue!), and yes, we have lots of teeth too.



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