Don’t tempt fate! I should have thought twice on Tuesday when I teased a colleague about his bad back, because lo and behold if a few hours later I didn’t end up in a situation that has left me with the opportunity of walking many painful miles in his shoes.

Apparently flexing and twisting one’s back with added weight is a recipe for dual injury. Namely herniating a disc and tearing muscle. That’s what you get for wearing a backpack and lifting your toddler out of a taxi on to the pavement.

The diagnosis was simple: traction, ice, no more backpack, no lifting, pushing or pulling. Ah… so how do I figure out my daily 4-mile-ish round-trip commute pushing a 20-something pound bundle plus accoutrements while wearing a backpack?

Lucky for me I have a super partner, who sprang into action to take over all the heavy lifting… literally. And it’s made all the difference. Recovery is going well and, as long as I’m able to resist toddler charms begging me to be picked up, I’ll soon be more recovered than injured. But next time, I’ll remember to bite my tongue!



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