aba2.JPGA cute Calvin picture — and you can’t even see his face! Here he is with “Aba’ (giraffe) and “A-ba” (Zebra), agift from his uncle D and aunt S, propped up on a book titled “Giraffes can’t dance.” He was pointing to the dancing giraffes yelling “Aba! Aba! Aba!”

He *loves* his African animals and takes the pair for a ride in his minature pram, a gift from his gandmother, Bobo. He arranges the two just so, and stops to make minor adjustments to their paws.

But not to paint too idyllic a picture, he also dumps them out unceremoniously to take pebbles and leaves for a ride instead. Plus he rubbed A-ba (that would be zebra) in the sand. As Jay rationalized, he now looks like a genuine African zebra would in the wild.



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