A week ago, I was 36,000 feet above Lake Ontario, on a flight that had been delayed three times. I was tired from a long week and sluggish from the Laguardia airport food court sludge I’d eaten for ‘supper.’ Nonetheless, I’d turn the clock back a week in a heartbeat.

TO_shoppers_s.JPGMy destination: Toronto. More specifically, a weekend of independence and female bonding with my dear friend EW. It’s amazing how a brief weekend can replenish the soul — and believe me, it seemed all too brief before I bundled myself unwillingly back on a return flight on Sunday.

There’s no way of putting a price on being able to spend time with someone whose character and personality just wows you non stop. Whiling away the hours in an easy conversation on any topic under the sun — we ranged through elections north and south of the Canadian border, to closets and early childhood development.

There were leisurely and delicious meals, decaf cappucino moments and… did I mention I got to sleep in?! And yes, there was also a contribution to the Canadian economy as we ranged through the boutiques of upscale Yorkville — eyeing but not buying at Holt’s (the Bergdorf Goodman of Tornoto), stocking up on Canadian children’s books, and snapping up some outfits in rich autumnal hues.

Now I’m not one who easily mixes companions and shopping, but EW is someone whose taste and frankness are refreshing and spot on. So it was a delight. And I’ve already been enjoying my retail spoils… and the lingering Toronto bliss they impart.

While I was blissed out due north, dad was undertaking round-the-clock toddler duty. He deserves many medals, but perhaps the most meaningful recognition of the outstanding parenting job, was that Calvin had a great time — ate all his meals enthusiastically, went out to dine twice and was a model citizen, and didn’t once ask for me. Go dad!


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