I woke up at 6(almost)30 with an odd ringing in my ears… to discover some 10 minutes later that the irritating sound was emanating from Calvin’s room. It seems he’d set not one, but two alarms and was managing to cheerfully sleep through the cacophony of competing beeps.

Inadvertent early mornings mean time for grabbing a quick… yoga session and even sitting down for a bowl of cereal. Luxury in toddlerville. As if that wasn’t good enough, we actually got out the door early perambulating with our Hummer-equivalent pram and enjoyed our weekly “faire les courses” at the Wednesday greenmarket on Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

Brimming with good things — like a pound of ruglach to welcome Grammy when she arrives tomorrow, and a hefty selection of empanadas to sustain us in the way of instant lunches and dinners — I dropped Calvin off at creche and headed to the office.

And a great gift awaited me in my in-box care of EK. (Thank you!) A link to something called ‘The School of Life.’ An absorbing concept, beautiful presentation, and narrative that’s utterly pleasurable to browse. It’s too much to try to explain, but their description should be enough to make you click: “The School of Life is a new cultural enterprise based in central London offering intelligent instruction on how to lead a fulfilled life.”

And how about this lovely peace of prose describing their modest shop: “We’ve organised our shop as a cultural apothecary. You’ll find a shelf for those who want to change the world, a shelf for those who worry about death, a shelf for those who have recently fallen in love, a shelf for those in search of their own company, even a shelf for those with a short attention span.”

Click here to pay The School of Life a virtual visit, which is sure to inspire the wish to hop a plane for an in-person experience.



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