dek_nov_wk1.jpgDespite a punishingly wet and gale-filled Cape winter, and testing the limits of the South African Consul General’s accommodations for certifying (almost) reams of documents, we have finally broken ground on our Walker Bay project.

Over the past few weeks the site has been carefully cleared with as minimal disruption to the indigenous fynbos as possible. The foundations have gone from chalk outlines, to trenches. The cellar has evolved from a depression to a… cellar, one hard-won inch at a time through the underlying limestone. Much of the work has been done by hand, with the aid of a single jackhammer run off a generator.

Dek_Nov_wk3.jpgOur friend, GK, sent us a photo update. You can compare his shot at right, with one taken a fortnight earlier — the team is standing in what was a hollow less than half the depth, seen in the bottom left in the photo above.

Progress indeed. All with numerous whales frolicking in the background on a daily basis, according to our builder, Kosie Morkel seen here below on the right, with our architect Rod Lloyd on the left, who have completed many successful joint projects.




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